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"Photography is like making cheese. It takes a hell of a lot of milk to make a small amount of cheese just like it takes a hell of a lot of photos to get a good one". - Robert Gillis

Lawyer and passionate photographer. Born in Cluj - Napoca, Transylvania (Romania), on April 9th, 1974. Lives in Brasov, Romania.
The future? Only God may know...
Currently using a Nikon D300.

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A view of London

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Created 17-Apr-10
Modified 17-Apr-10
A view of London

A view of the lost

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48 photos
Created 27-Oct-11
Modified 27-Oct-11
A view of the lost

Realm of waters

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30 photos
Created 15-May-11
Modified 15-May-11
Realm of waters

People I saw

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Created 15-Dec-11
Modified 15-Dec-11
People I saw

A view of Florence

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Created 24-Sep-10
Modified 24-Sep-10
A view of Florence

A view of Venice

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16 photos
Created 18-Aug-10
Modified 18-Aug-10
A view of Venice


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Created 5-Sep-10
Modified 5-Sep-10

A sad destiny: Baile Herculane

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Created 23-Oct-11
Modified 23-Oct-11
A sad destiny: Baile Herculane

Bits of Norway

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52 photos
Created 23-Jun-12
Modified 23-Jun-12
Bits of Norway


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Created 24-May-13
Modified 24-May-13

The Violinist

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Created 21-Feb-14
Modified 21-Feb-14
The Violinist
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Claudiu Szabo(non-registered)
Excelente fotografii :)
paula pescaru(non-registered)
Buna ziua,

mi-ar face o foarte mare placere sa vad expozitia...daca ati fi de accord.
Jim McFerran(non-registered)
Laurian....what a talent. I've looked over your London portfolio and especially love the "eye" and former county hall by night + the church of England vicar on his mobile! You can capture the moment just perfectly as I know well from meeting you in Dubrovnik.
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